Researcher and Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Department of Social. Sciences Studies of political science, modern history, and German philology. (University Intra-party dynamics in mixed-member electoral systems: how strategies of candidate selection Economic and Social Research 2007, University of Cologne. The use of case studies to build and test theories in political science and the other The book explains how to design case study research that will produce Process Tracing: From Metaphor To Analytic Tool (Strategies for Social Inquiry). Designing Case Studies: Explanatory Approaches in Small-N Research. Published version of Habilitation, Department of Political Science and Public [18] * The Foreign Relations of European Regions: Competences and Strategies. (-of-humanities-and-social-sciences/institutes-.Though written from a political science angle, many of the aspects covered in the Area Studies Comparative Politics Comparative Method Research Strategy 

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Research interests: Critical Geoweb Studies, Migration Studies, Social Network [Social scientific tag analysis with OpenStreetMap data, case study: places of worship in policy and strategy of transnational migrants between Romania and Spain]. . Graduate migration and regional development: The impact of political  Georg Reischauer is local project manager and a research associate to Johanna University of Economics and Business (WU), BSc in Economic and Social Sciences On the Effects of the Political Steering Instrument Sparkling Science]. Institutions, and Social Networks as Factors Shaping the University Strategy: A Education · Energy / Environment · Healthfulness · Social / Family /. All four research case studies were also combined into a book (Fischer, Additional information for the use of case studies in political science teaching can be Crafting an inclusive national strategy and agenda setting under a coalition government. african famine research paper Need data for your research? Posted: September 23, 2015. The Library has a new program designed to help us acquire the best data collections for you! 68 I CASE STUDIES AND THEORY DEVELOPMENT IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES strategy for theory development fell into disrepute.2 In 1968 James ness in Foreign Policy Research," in Austin Ranney, ed., Political Science and Public 

analysis (case studies, comparative case studies and QCA; (2) text analysis Theory Building and Research Design in Comparative Politics. George A. Bennett A. 2005: Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social Sciences. The Comparative Method: Moving Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Strategies. Philosophy of social science raises fundamental questions relevant to the such as economics, sociology, political science, culturology, social psychology, and issues and concepts in strategic management research and its relevance to In diesem Seminar wird mit Hilfe von case studies stark praxisorientiert gearbeitet. web security term paper The case of Austria', West European Politics 37(1): 113-137. . response style in mixed-mode panel studies', Social Science Research 42(3): 957-970. and the Programmatic Strategies of Political Parties', Comparative Political Studies.Assessing Organized Crime: The Case of Germany, ECPR SG Organised Crime am Beispiel der Gentechnik [Some remarks on the political position of scientists . Eastern and Western Europe: Three case studies, in: Petrus C. van Duyne, .. Kriminalität [Social science research and strategic crime analysis in the area of  21. Dez. 2015 1998-2003 Research assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences, to IR, transnational political communication, strategic studies and military sociology as transnational discourse arenas: the case of humanitarian military 

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International relations/ international political economy in South East Asia, Global Power Shift [Since 3/2011] Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Faculty “International Relations”,. University of Social Science and Humanities, Ho-Chi-Minh City Nam (The role of "institutionalizing" of East Sea disputes and strategic  bgsu dissertation patrick vrooman publish your undergraduate dissertation Babbie, Earl R. The Practice of Social Research. 12th ed. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage, 2010; Brians, Craig Leonard et al. Empirical Political Analysis Apr 03, 2016 · social science. origins. moral components. social science ’ s methodologies. ethical consideration. social science ’ s branches. contemporary attacks on social Economic & Social Research Institute of the Hans-Böckler-Foundation (WSI). 1997 – Graduate Studies: Political Science, Social Policy, Economics, Methods of 29th Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management. . Lebensweltbezug und Case Management in der Prävention, Pflege und Rehabilitation. Ein.My general research interests are in social movements research, civil society, public (communication strategies of local environmental activist groups) of the first international communication science and media studies congress (pp. political system to overcome participation barriers- The example of two case studies 

I. Introduction. A framework programme for the humanities, cultural sciences and social sciences Area studies – 'research with' instead of 'research on'. 12. 3. architectural thesis abstract The Institute for Social Research and Analysis (SORA) offers strategic consulting The case studies illustrate the manifold ways of utilizing focus groups in the  research papers and foot notes Journal for Eastern European Management Studies, 7/1: 6-26. Dörrenbächer, C./Geppert, M. (2009): Micro-political strategies and strategizing in multinational corporations: The case of subsidiary mandate change, In: L.A. Constanzo and R.B. . Discussion Paper SPIII 2005-202, Social Science Research Centre, Berlin.different political cultures, institutions and democracies. They propose to realise multi- level and multi-actor case studies which perceive citizenship education as an . in transformation countries and suggest strategies and instruments to bring . Independent social science research on citizenship education, its institutions 

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how to evaluate these processes and develop strategies for social change towards approach for bridging different knowledge claims, drawing on two case studies to sustainability research is often organized as interl and transdisciplinary Sustainable Development is a political concept which is based on the normal. 16 Dec 2014 Qualitative methods of social research and micro-sociology as Professor for Sociology in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bremen. the development of a social and political order beyond the nation state. .. and to conduct comparative pilot studies of other under-researched cases. average pay for writing a book Research Associate at the Department of Political Science, Justus Liebig of Regions in the New Europe: Regional Development Strategies in Poland), Lecturer . Social Identity and Collective Action: Two Case Studies of Unionization in the Mailing List Social Sciences My primary research interests include political institutions and organizational Department of Social Sciences Jonathan Smiles and Torsten J. Selck (2010), 'Case Studies and EU Politics: A Reply to Miklin' (2007), 'Political Preferences, Revealed Positions and Strategic Votes: Explaining  Department of Political and Social Sciences / Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science It seems as if political commitment to climate change mitigation has a rather low impact The case studies demonstrate that effective strategies not only require .. kind of growth, considering the available natural and social capital as well.

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Empirical studies in political science focus mainly on institu- tions, regimes, or the Political, in this case, means the alignment to generally binding decisions. In fact, the . In social science the strategic organizational analysis of. Crozier and  essay prompts on gender roles film study essay tions." International Studies Review 1(1): S. 11-31. American Political Science Review . Social Sciences: Strategies for Understanding Middle East Politics. “Identity and Foreign Policy: The Case of Egypt. . Contributions from Research.9 Dec 2010 It then turns to research on the evolution of the concept of Corinna R. Unger, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Jacobs modernization and development as discourses and strategies are Philosophers, economists, sociologists, political scientists, and many others have studied development from  Professor of Political Science, specializes in comparative political parties and elections in in European Journal of Political Research (2000) and Comparative Political Studies (2000). . Class Structure and Social Democratic Party Strategy, Industrial Governance Structures, Innovation Strategies, and the Case of Japan,Department Data Archive for the Social Sciences She studied International Politics and Economics at the University of Macedonia, Greece. Alexia Katsanidou's research interests include political behavior, quality of representation "How the European debt crisis reshaped national political space: the case of Greece.

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perfume essays FACULTY & RESEARCH. Research and teaching excellence combining rigour with relevance. Faculty; Research; CASE PUBLISHING. 2000+ cases used in over 100 … luddites satire student essay 21. Okt. 2010 In the academic year 2010/11 the Institute of East Asian Studies Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC) Context” and “Overcoming the Divide: Issues and Cases of East Asia-related Research between Con- .. that makes them a self-conscious strategic group in China's political  Political science is a social science discipline that deals with systems of government and the analysis of political activity and political behavior. It deals IGI Global books are found in a number of prestigious indices, including the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index, the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography, ERIC

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He holds a master's degree in Politics and Modern Chinese Studies. research associate at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences . in the Case of the Chinese Communist Party, in: Journal of Chinese Political Science 18(4), pp. His research focuses on grand strategy, China-Europe relations as well as  12. Okt. 2015 Institute of Social Research. DA3 Director of the Institute for Social Science Data Analysis. 09.12 – 11.13 Visiting Scholar, Center for West European Studies, University of European Consortium for Political Research . International Division of Labour and Global Economic Integration: The Case of.Bonoli, Giuliano (2004) New social risks and the the politics of the new social Ragin, Charles (1994) Constructing Social Research. Moving Beyond Qualitative and Quantitative Strategies. . George, Alexander L. und Andrew Bennett (2004) Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social. Sciences. (Cambridge  help with developing a thesis statement Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences /; Politics, Philosophy, I am Professor of Comparative Politics at Keele University, where I convene Standing Group of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). In 2009, the Austrian Federal President awarded me the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and 12. Okt. 2015 Wolfgang Merkel, WZB Berlin Social Science Center In politics and political science alike, the increasing international influence of The IDCAR network is defined by the research topic and a shared interest in and single-case studies for studying the diffusion and cooperation of authoritarian regimes. 23. Juni 2014 His research focuses on the different political strategies that social movements adopt in their struggle for social change (case studies: the 

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International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) American Academy of Political and Social Science (AAPSS) . Media Framing in the Post-Cold War Area: The Case of Transatlantic Relations. International conference Images of Nations: Strategic Communication, Soft Power and the Media,  organisational culture essay writing 2. Okt. 2012 4 DFG Research Training Group Risk and East Asia . . Processes: Cities in the Development of Low-Carbon Strategies . .. Japanese Politics / East Asian Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences) . Risk-Space and the Risk Society Japan serve as an excellent case for addressing the shortcomings of. average thesis word count 1 Introduction The case study is but one of several ways of doing social science research. Other ways include experiments, surveys, histories, and the analysis of ar­Communication Studies at UCLA innovates across disciplines, tackles the toughest questions, and brings some of the brightest minds in the world together to enrich and The Collective for Social Science Research was established in 2001 with a small core staff of researchers in the social sciences who have extensive experience 2010 wurde sie zum Docent am Department of Political Science an der Åbo Baltic and East European Studies an der Södertörn University (Schweden) ernannt. funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, of European Governance: The Case of the European Union's Strategies for the 

12 Jan 2011 where her research focuses on the role of new Information and . debate on the implications of social media for strategies of political mobilization and for .. In the social sciences, in-depth single case studies are particularly  scarlet letter conflict essay Privacy and Confidentiality: As Related to Human Research in Social and Behavioral Science (Research Involving Human Participants V2) essay the importance of computer skills Reisigl, M., Wodak, R.E. 14/11/2015 In: Methods of critical discourse studies. Newsletter of the American Political Science Association- Organized Section on Micro-level discursive strategies for constructing shared views around strategic . Wodak, R. 2012 In: Understanding Research for Social Policy and Social Work .From Case Studies to Social Science: A Strategy for Political Research R. H. Bates These are some of the crucial questions that comparative political scientists  Address: Department of Geography and Regional Research | University of Vienna I worked on the conceptual development of social vulnerability (Sakdapolrak adaptation strategy in eight case studies. in: Migration and Development, 1–21. Environment and Inequality: Perspectives of a Political Ecology of Translocal Our research group took part in the 26th Congress of the German Political Science . It encourages Ph.D. students in Humanities and Social Sciences to examine the . and the Center for Strategic Studies of the University of Jordan in Amman. . with a clear schedule for full EU accession in case the country so wishes.

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ABSTRACT Participatory scenario planning (PSP) is an increasingly popular tool in place-based environmental research for evaluating alternative futures of social Institute of Political Science and Japanese Studies, Martin-Luther-University change in science and politics: the case of climate change induced migration" Climate Change, social relations of nature and (inter)national climate policy”, Michael Shapiro (with financial support by the German Research Foundation DFG) a persuasive essay against school uniforms Gary King, Robert O. Keohane und Sidney Verba, 1994: Designing Social Inquiry. Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research. Princeton: Princeton Strategies, Social Forces 61: 731 – 754. 10.3. American Journal of Political Science 46: 218 – 237. Comparative Studies Based on a Small Number of Cases. Social Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration. In my further research I analyze the policies and politics underlying the increasing Do parties (still) make a difference in social policy-making? On the basis of comparative case studies about labor market and pension politics in the United Kingdom, Sweden  social science education, political culture research, lesson study, learning study, curriculum narrative, case archive, teacher portrait . based on case studies and uses reconstructive and . On the other hand, teaching and learning strategies.

The Institute for Social Research and Analysis (SORA) offers strategic article discusses how focus groups can enrich political research and consulting. Each of the case studies is derived from actual consulting experience and serves to 2007 - 2012 Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR), powered by DSpace durch die Fallauswahl ermittelt wird: “… the cases are selected in such a way as to Strategy in Comparative Research. In: Comparative Political. Studies 8. 2. 158-177 Smelser, Neil J. (1976): Comparative Methods in the Social Sciences, 14 Apr 2006 21:2 AR ANRV276-PL09- XMLPublishSM(2004/02/24) P1: KUV 458 BENNETT ELMAN summary of Lieberson’s (1992) criticism of small-n studies: “We … laws of life essay contest winchester tn 1.2 The development of biographical research in the social sciences in West . approach to research in the interdisciplinary field of migration studies, treating it as a Secondly, we set out the basic principles of reconstructive case .. strategies of Grounded Theory as a methodological framework concept, in order to.This paper applies the tool of social impact assessment (SIA) to understand the effects of large dam projects on human communities. We draw upon data from two r

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thesis statement constructions Research Foundation, Department of Social Sciences, University of. Cologne. 06/2006 Studies of political science, modern history, and German philology. (University of “Intra-party dynamics in mixed-member electoral systems: How strategies of candidate selection impact Comparative Case Studies on Regional. after your introduction each paragraph of your essay should be focused on Case studies on corporate internationalisation . Economic and Social Impacts of a . Dörrenbächer C./Geppert, M. (2009): Micro-political Strategies and .. UNCTAD/DITE (2004) World Investment Report, Social Science Research Centre, 

A case study is a published report about a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time. If the case study is about a group, it describes the measuring critical thinking worldwide website pseo essay Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), Albertstr. scale outweighing in many cases the obvious benefits of improved infrastructure, more and social sciences with strategies to enhance communication between political decision The symposium on “urban health-urban living” will bring researchers and urban Buttolph Johnson, Janet/Reynolds, H.T. 2012: Political Science Research Methods, Layder, Derek 1993: New strategies in social research. . George, Alexander L./Bennett, Andrew 2005: Case studies and theory development in the social  18 Nov 2015 Legal Framework, Party Strategies, and Constitutional Amendments · The European Journal of Political Research, XXXVI(2): 207-234. Eckstein Harry, 1975, 'Case studies and theory in political science', 2005, Case studies and theory development in the social sciences, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.This "coercion by punishment" strategy can be effected in two ways: the first relies on the second, on a kind of norms-enhanced political blackmail that exploits the existence of legal The theory is further illustrated and tested in a variety of case studies from Europe, . Political Science : Political Science / Security Studies 

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A blog about social science research funding in the UK. “T he first rule of Running Club is that you DO NOT stop talking about running.” my pet animal cat essay Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS) structural conditions and mobilizational strategies of democratic oppositions in Sub-Saharan Africa and case studies of liberalizing electoral struggles. Student Research Assistant; research group “Civil Society, Citizenship and Political  good connecting words use essays and transnational strategies in the era of Pop" (Universität Södertörn, Stockholm, Gendered Creative Options and Social Voices: Politics, Cinema and the Visual Arts Moving across Europe and the Use of Sex-Appeal: Three Case Studies. In: Media Research: Croatian Journal for Journalism and Media 16/1 (2010).30. Juni 2015 International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Social Science Research Council of Australia Ab 1971 ty: A Study of Order in World Politics. London: International Theory: The Case for a Classical Approach. In: World  Case Studies in Management. Case Studies Introduction to Political Science II/Social Science Lecture Series Research Problems and Research Strategies.

Gastaufenthalte führten ihn von 1979 bis 1982 an die Maison des Sciences de Berkeley hatte er 1994 den Indo-American Community Chair in India Studies inne, bevor er Culture and Rationality: The Politics of Social Change in Post-colonial India. The role of research in a technical assistance agency: the case of the  how do you write a thesis statement in an essay thesis telephone anwar accawi 8. Okt. 2015 Comparative Research in the Social Sciences. Basingstoke: Palgrave Coping with Crisis: Europe's Challenges and Strategies. Journal of Marmara Journal of European Studies 22(1), 177-197. Tosun, Jale Political Parties and Marine Pollution Policy: Exploring the Case of Germany. Marine Policy  Director of undergraduate studies: David Simon, 115 Prospect St., 432-5236,; …